Tuesday Tip - Chic Dessert Table Tips

Dessert tables are all the rage...you can't throw a party stone and not come across one (or several) at an event nowadays.  Of course, there is the right way and the not-so-much way, the difference between a chic dessert table and one that looks like a cafeteria line.

I've created a mini series for eBay Guides sharing some of my favorite tools, tricks and tips I've learned over the years for creating a fabulous dessert table on any budget.

 Chic Dessert Table Tips; Whip It Up! 10 tools you should have to create your own desserts

Part 1 is my 10 tools you should have to get you started creating your own desserts.

 Chic Dessert Table Tips; layers of good taste!

Part 2 is the crucial part of any dessert table; the vessels that you use, from cake stands to platters.  I share my 8 favorite types.

 Chic Dessert Table Tips; finishing your table in style

Part 3 is pulling it all together...how do you make it LOOK like a dessert table and not just a table holding desserts.  There is a difference, my friends.

The best part...these tips can be used for any type of table you are wanting to put together, from food bars to favor and craft tables.

Head over and check them out; feel free to mix and match ideas to your heart's content!

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