Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy

A couple of years ago, over on Seattle Mamas, I started a series interviewing local powerhouses who started with an idea and turned it into a crazy reality.

It was so popular, I thought to myself, 'hey self, you should do the same thing, except this time, you should stalk some more of  your favorite bloggers from all over'. So, I created the Makers + Shakers Series: 8 Creatives You Should Follow.

The series was so popular, I decided to continue it with 8 more creatives!

Today we are meeting Kristi Murphy, a lifestyle expert and the founder of, an award-winning DIY blog where Kristi shares with her readers easy DIY ideas for a home, party, wardrobe, holiday, meal, or wedding!

Not only does she have the coolest and chicest ideas that are straight off of your favorite Pinterest feed, they are actually, really! Her goal is to achieve the fabulous looks she sees in magazines on a limited budget.  See why I stalk her? We have the same ideology, so read on and learn all about her....

Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy; carrot lemonade

Please tell our readers a little bit about who Kristi is. 
Hmmmm … Kristi is a midwestern girl who has been crafting her whole life. My dad says he used to go to work, and I would be working on a project. And he would come home from work, and I would still be working on the project.

I guess I have the patience for DIYing, plus I LOVE it! One of my first DIYs was a tie I made my dad. I deconstructed one of his old ties to see how it was made, and I reverse engineered it. It’s kind of morbid and special all at the same time, but my dad saved the tie and says he wants to be buried in it :-).

Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy; sparkling graduation party

I'm a huge fan of your work...I remember it was your Sparkling Graduation party I came across on Pinterest and was hooked. What inspired you to start your fabulous DIY blog? 
I originally started a recipe storing and sharing website called I created a blog on the site, and that began to take off. So I branched off the blog from the site into its own entity.

Hence, was born about a year ago. It makes me smile ear to ear to be able to craft for a living. I would be DIYing regardless if I had a blog, so to be able to make it my job is a dream come true.

Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy; loafer embellishment

With all of your chic DIY projects, styling and photo work for major brands like Lauren Conrad, and Shutterfly, being featured in national publications like Forbes and Bon Appetit, and on top of it all, getting ready to become a new mom, how do balance everything? Or do you? 
I definitely do not balance everything. I have lofty goals of getting on a regular publishing schedule, but I have yet to be able to make it happen. Maybe one day ;-).

Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy; IKEA hack skirt

Speaking of chic projects, I know there are so many choose from, but which project is your favorite and why? 
I think my IKEA hack skirt is my favorite project. I turned an IKEA throw into a chic black and white striped skirt. It’s totally out of the box, and I think that’s why I like it.

Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy; bridal shower

Readers see beautiful, styled photos but we rarely see what is going on behind the scenes or how things didn't turn out quite the way you planned. How do you handle having to kick into Plan B or Plan C? Do you have a 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' experience to share? 
Oh gosh … I feel like almost everyday is a “what doesn't kill you makes you stronger” kind of day … lol! That’s a little dramatic, but I struggle with planning, so I am often doing things last minute. I guess I just take one day at a time, and if I have to burn the midnight oil so be it. I think having a successful blog is all about dedication to constantly improving.

Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy; gallery wall

I am inspired by things around me...a pretty pattern may spark an entire party theme. What things inspire your creativity? 
Pinterest (of course ;-) and magazines. I love to look through home magazines for inspiration and “I can totally make that" moments.

Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy; Valentine's Day printables

Do you have favorite blogs and/or websites you like to visit when you have a moment?
Camille Styles is one of my favorites. I sigh with envy and excitement every time I go on there!

Makers + Shakers: Meet Kristi Murphy; pasta table

I love to ask everyone I interview: if you are stranded on a desert island and can take one item and one meal, what would they be?
My meal would consist of potatoes several different ways: tater tots, fries, chips, and baked with all the toppings. I am slightly obsessed! The item I would take would be a photo of my husband. I would be so sad without him, and to look at him everyday might help a little.

Ahhh...carbs after my own heart!

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