Alt Summit Summer 2015: It's All About The Business Cards, Baby

Altitude Summit Business Card Wall from Sherwin Williams
Image courtesy of Altitude Summit
 I'm slowly getting my Alt Summit posts out...there is just so much to share! Last time, I shared how we created our amazing balloon arch for the closing party.  Today, it's all about the business cards, baby!

Alt Summit may be about a wealth of information for your business, but it really is about the business cards.  There is a little bit of everything!  From a cute little ring to a push-pop of confetti, classic cards and some made from plastic and wood, the creativity was amazing.

Not Just A Mommy business cards

I've decided to share all the ones I collected, but first, here's mine...and let me tell you, cute in execution, not in delivery.  I didn't even think about how I would transport them. I could only carry so many in my bag without crushing them, then trying to untangle one to hand out is not cute.  So some people had straws on them, some didn't.

I apologize if anyone felt is definitely an great idea if I were sitting at a table and they were laid out for the taking.

OK...back to the other cards...I did meet a lot of my favorite crafty people so I didn't get their cards...otherwise I would have had SO MANY MORE! Seriously, I was fangirling over so many people.  Again, that is another post for another day!

So, if a card speaks to you, please feel free to visit the owner by clicking on their name below the picture!

Eva Blake's Makery & Emporium | Jodi Levine | Legal Miss Sunshine | Modify Ink | Design For Soul | Monica Lee Studios | Betsy Clegg (just an email) | Confetti & Bliss | The Road To The Good Life | The Land Of Nod | Barefoot Contessa | Plum Stitch | Bot Communications | Visit Vallarta | Gumroad | Step Away From The Screen | Vana Feliciano | Jenean Morrison | Konnect Interactive | Just JP | Being Tazim | Being Spiffy | Cyndie Spiegel

Alt Summit postcard business cards

The Collective Of Us | Oh Happy DayStep Away From The Screen | Canary Jane | Lulu The Baker Cyndie Spiegel | Monica Lee Studios | Tom Design Shop

Alt Summit non-traditional  material business cards

Snap Happy Mom | Salty Booth |  Twenty Something Plus

Make My Notebook | Tagspire | A Ruffled Life | Annie Ashley Design | Keep Chasing The Stars | The Nectar Collective 

Little something extra business cards

Strive For Something Good (piece of flair) | Bree Johnson (push pop of confetti) | Little Field Lane (ring) | Sherwin Williams (stickers) | Lulu The Baker (recipe cards) | Sweet Spot Style (notebook) | Melissa Esplin (tattoos) | Project Kid (mini craft kit)  | The Bannerie (tattoos) |  Gina Paola Design (keyring)

I know, right?? Seriously, every interpretation is a little story into each owner and I was thrilled (if only briefly) to meet them all!

Stay tuned for next time, it will be all the swag I went home with!

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