Tuesday Tutorial - Lemon Stamped Paper Runner

Lemon stamped table rubber

I've made stamps from potatoes and apples but I never thought about using lemons, until visiting with a friend. Her toddler was happily stamping away, the smaller lemon easier for her small hands to hold.

What a genius ideas! Of course, I couldn't wait to run home and try it myself to create a fun lemon stamped paper runner for a fun Fruity Flamingo party shoot.

Lemon stamped table rubber; lemons

What You'll Need:

citrus fruit like lemon or lime; mix up stamp size with an orange or dare I say, grapefruit
acrylic paint
paint brush - I used a foam brush
heavy kraft paper like butcher paper or mailing paper

Lemon stamped table rubber; stamping

1.  Be sure and blot the fruit on a paper towel a couple of times before brushing on the paint; the fruit is pretty juicy and you don't want the liquid mixing with your paint and seeping through the paper.

2.  You don't need to brush on a lot of paint...and brush towards the center of the wedge.  The pulp starts to separate when you brush over it, so this will minimize little pieces of it ending up where you stamp.  You can always carefully pick the pieces out before the paint dries on your paper.

3.  Use a practice piece of paper to test out your stamping technique before you start working on your runner.

4. Once your technique is how you want, stamp your runner to your heart's content.

Be sure and over to Shoes Off, Please for the full party shoot!

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