Tuesday Tutorial - Chocolate Alphabet Cookies

DIY Chocolate Alphabet Cookies

For today's Tuesday Tutorial,  I'm sharing a fun snacktime or back to school treat idea perfect for school-themed parties, chocolate alphabet cookies!  They are a little time-consuming but the cuteness factor makes it totally worth it.

Chocolate Alphabet Cookies

As a candy melt user/addict, I'm always looking for molds and tools to make my life easier.  Recently, I came across the Wilton Candy Melts Dipping Scoop at Michaels and quickly concluded I needed it in my life.  If you are a fan of dipping things in chocolate, you will too.

DIY Chocolate Alphabet Cookies; supplies

What You'll Need:

Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies
dipping scoop
chocolate candy melts
rainbow nonpareils
wax paper
3" square acetate treat box (optional)
washi tape (optional)

1.  Cover a small cutting board or tray with wax paper. You will need to move it into the fridge so the cookies will set when you are all done, so plan accordingly.
2.  Melt a small bowl of chocolate candy melts according to the directions.  Be sure your scoop will be able to fit inside of the bowl.

DIY Chocolate Alphabet Cookies; dipping cookies

3.  With the scoop and working quickly, dip one letter/number cookie at a time in the chocolate, carefully tapping off the excess chocolate back into the bowl. 

DIY Chocolate Alphabet Cookies; dipping cookies
4.  Carefully, slide the dipped letter/cookie onto the wax paper covered board.  
5.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 for a second cookie.
6.  Gently shake rainbow nonpareils onto the first cookie.  This gives the chocolate a little time to set before you add the nonpareils.  They will just slide off if the chocolate is too melty.

DIY Chocolate Alphabet Cookies; on wax paper

7.  Continue this process for as many cookies as you want/have patience for.
8.  Move your board into the fridge so the chocolate can set, about 15 minutes. With a small, sharp knife, trim off any excess chocolate.

DIY Chocolate Alphabet Cookies box

I packaged mine in a treat box that I embellished with school-themed washi tape, but feel free to bag yours in a clear bag with a cute tag or add them to a small bag like the grid Bitty Bags I used for my science party. 

How to make chocolate alphabet cookies

They would also make cute cupcake toppers; place one letter on a cupcake and have a series of cupcakes that spell out WELCOME BACK or BACK TO SCHOOL.

I know...you are running out to the store right now...

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