It's Halloweek! Toxic Ooze Halloween Punch

Toxic Ooze, a perfectly icky Halloween Punch

It's day 4 of Halloweek, have you been having fun?  If you haven't, be sure and check back on our previous posts.  Today, we are sharing a interesting yet tasty Halloween drink for your party.

Once upon a time, we used to see an amazing article in a magazine and rip it out for future reference.  A time before everything was found online.  And Pinterest.  I miss those days...I have a giant 3" binder filled with sheet protected articles.  My party binder.  I could just grab it and flip to something amazing for a reference.  Now, I get online and 30 minutes later, I haven't searched for what I wanted yet.

Anyhoo, I digress and show my age.  A few years ago, I ripped out and saved awesome article from Parents magazine for an interesting drink called the Green Goblin.  Sorry, I can't find it on their website.

I've served it in various, modified incarnations over the years using various flavors of Jell-O.  This version, we call Toxic Ooze, is our favorite.
1.  Combine apple juice and seltzer in a large pitcher and chill.
2.  When ready to serve, fill your glass with spoonfuls of Jell-O and fill your glass about halfway with the apple juice mixture.

I complicated.

My oldest loves Jell-O and likes it less liquidy, so he can slurp (shudder...) it up, which is why we only add about half the mixture.

You can tweak it as you like, add a few gummi items to really make it fun! Make your Jell-O with vodka and you can booze it up for adults. I'm just saying...


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