5 Tips To Planning The Perfect New Year's Eve Party

After the marathon that is Christmas, New Year's Eve sneaks right up on you! If you want to get a few friends together but the thought of a blowout New Year's Eve party makes you want to run for the hills, I'm sharing 5 tips to planning the perfect New Year's Eve Party, and there is no cooking or major crazy crafting involved!

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips

Use What You Have
Don't be afraid to mix your nice pieces with paperware...I used pretty striped china with paper napkins and cups.  This isn't a stuffy affair, no need for full-on fancy place settings.

There is a variety of themed tableware out there; have some fun mixing and matching patterns.  As long as you have a consistent color theme, everyone will coordinate.

Turn glass vases and other vessels you have around the house, like apothecary jars and mason jars into servingware.

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; use what you have and add a few accessories

Create A Simple Menu
Because the party starts after dinner, all you need to serve are hors d’oeuvres and finger foods for nibbling. Visit your favorite grocer for easy to prepare foods like wonton wrappers and mini meatballs and fun snacks like flavored popcorns and chocolate covered anything.

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; create a simple menu
5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; create a simple menu

Of course, a meat and cheese with crackers tray is a staple, but don't just put out saltines and cheddar. There is a world of cheese varieties, gourmet meats and specialty crackers. Specialty spots like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods have knowledgeable folks who can help you choose the perfect accompaniments.

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; create a signature drink

Serve A Signature Drink
No Year’s Eve party is complete without the bubbly so stock up on champagne flutes (real or disposable) and have enough for guests to toast at midnight.

But meanwhile, a signature cocktail is a must along with non-alcoholic options.  I set up a simple bar area to for guests to create Lemonade Toasts...seriously tasty and only two ingredients.

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; create a simple bar area

What You'll Need

strawberry lemonade vodka ( I love SVEDKA's version)
sparkling lemon beverage (San Pellegrino's Limonata is my fave)

1.  Your recipe is one part vodka to one part beverage; for example, 2 oz of vodka to 2 oz of beverage.
2.  Add to an ice-filled shaker, give it a couple of shakes and strain into a glass.
3.  Garnish with lemon slices and a pretty straw.

A Few Sparkly Decorations Go A Long Way
My lovely friend, Holly of Paper Crush, sent me lots of pretty gold items from her shop to use for our party...so much fun from my favorite party line, Meri Meri. Be sure and check out all of her fabulous party supplies.

Of course, you don't have time to order from her, but a trip to your favorite party or stationery shop may have similar items like banners, paper rosettes and sparkly letters.

First off, don't put away that wrapping paper.  The star wrapping paper I used as a table cover is from Sugar Paper's Target line and I bet you can still get your hands on a roll or two.  If not, any glittery roll will do.

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; a few sparkly decorations go a long way

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; confetti balloons

Your place is probably already done up for Christmas so you may just need to add a few things to make it New Year's ready.  Add some confetti to clear balloons and toss them everywhere.  Glittery letters and stars make everything even more festive.

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; glitter up a garland

Do you have a circle or star punch?  Punch out lots of stars out of sparkly cardstock and make your own confetti.  If you are sewing-machine proficient, sew them together for a gorgeous garland.

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; simple garlands make a space fun

Your existing greenery can be updated with gold or silver accents like leaves, ribbons, sparklers or even mini disco balls!

Have Lots Of Party Accessories
Yes...party hats, blowers, photo booth props, confetti.  Every major store carries pre-made packs with everything you need. A couple of years ago for a New Year's Eve Party, I put together a celebration bar with lots of great items from Dollar Tree. I share a few tips on how to dress up plain items and make them party worthy, so be sure and check it out.

5 Easy New Year's Eve Party Tips; have lots of party accessories

If you don't have a bookshelf or area to clear off and use, that's ok...a small side table will do just fine to display everything.

I used party blowers on our table...who says you can't toot a few before the countdown?

I hope you have been inspired not to be intimidated for planning a New Year's Eve party! Remember, it's about spending time with friends and celebrating the arrival of 2016!  If you need more party inspiration, be sure and check out last year's Bon Voyage to 2014, another great New Year's Eve theme.

Where to buy:
black and gold napkins, gold striped paper cups, gold mini fan banner, gold stripes mini banner, gold glitter mini banner, gold tissue confetti, gold confetti filled balloons, chunky glitter stars mini garland, New Year party blowers - Paper Crush 

stemless champagne flutes, black stripe plates and hexagonal platters - Rosanna, Inc.

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