10 Hot Party Trends For 2016

Hot Party Trends For 2016

I know, you are still vacuuming up the confetti from your New Year's Eve party but it's time to start thinking about this year's parties! A new year means a new set of hot party trends, although some are still going strong from last year.  There are so many, but here are the 10 I think will be making serious waves...

Hot Party Trends For 2016; Pantone's color of the year

Anything with Pantone's Color(s) Of The Year
From linens to florals, this year's soft palettes of Rose Quartz and Serenity are going to be everywhere, from spring celebrations to weddings, like this gorgeous table from Frieda TherĂ©s.  This table also reflects another hot party trend...

Hot Party Trends For 2016; metallics

Silver is out, rose gold and copper are so in! They can be mixed and matched with a variety of colors and styles; Crate & Barrel's Harper rose gold flatware can be dressed up or down.

Hot Party Trends For 2016; laser cut party items

Laser Cut Party Items
I am obsessed with all things calligraphy and stalk fabulous experts like Laura Hooper Calligraphy and A Fabulous Fete, so I may be a little biased with laser cut party items.  It is gorgeous and I can't wait to get my hands on some pieces this year. Cut from wood or acrylic, everything to personalize your event from cake toppers to drink stirrers.

Hot Party Trends For 2016; naked cakes

Naked Cakes
Last year's trend is still going strong...its simple elegance coupled with fruit or edible flowers turns it into a classic. Kristi Murphy has a great DIY to help you master the trend.

Hot Party Trends For 2016; signature cocktail bar

Signature Cocktail Bar
I do them all the time because it gives me one less thing to do during the party.  Trend.

Hot Party Trends For 2016; sustainable party favors

Practical  Party Favors
I have always been a big fan of practical party favors that will get actual use; making a fabulous craft is always a party plus.  How about sending guests home with a personal item like a copy of your favorite book, your special granola recipe attached to a mason jar full or your own special craft beer brew.

Craft Beers
Speaking of which...we West Coasters love us a good craft beer...and the love is spreading! I predict everyone will be hosting Camille Styles-inspired sampling parties and guy-themed throwdowns.

Globe Lighting
These versatile lights are everywhere from elegant weddings to backyard cook-offs.  I love this tutorial from Home Depot where you create your own light stand.

Unconventional "Floral" Centerpieces
Over-the-top floral arrangements are out...you can't have them on tables anyway, no one can conversate! From cacti and other succulents to vegetables and plants like herbs are fabulous ways to create a natural centerpiece that can go home with guests.

New Movie Releases
Ah...Star Wars parties will be all the rage in 2016 but there are lots of great movies coming this year, from super heroes duking it out in Batman v Superman, Asian-inspired Kung Fu Panda 3 soirees to the Ghostbusters' summer reboot inspiring many a rockin' 80's party.

Do you have a hot party trend you can't wait to try this year?

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