Tuesday Tutorial - Bunny Foo Foo Mac & Cheese

Remember way back in November when I talked about my collaboration with Eden Hensley of  The Road To The Good Life as part of coLAB? Well, the grand reveal for our party theme...Texas BBQ!

The Road To The Good Life's Bunny Foo Foo Mac and Cheese

Eden has started a fabulous holiday tradition that is perfect all year round! The day after Thanksgiving means Texas BBQ.  That's right...that turkey is pushed aside for down-home, no-need-for-a-napkin-just-lick-your-fingers eatin'.  I grew up in Houston and I know my BBQ.  There are many sad imitators out there...sorry, I am tearing up a little.

Eden keeps it real and share tips on 8 best places to get Texas BBQ shipped to your door if you live somewhere that is not Texas.

Today we are sharing another fabulous recipe from our menu that is sure to blow your New Year resolutions with Eden's Bunny Foo Mac & Cheese! Actually, it is her 3 1/2 year old's recipe and if you can't have cow's milk, it is right up your alley.  Be sure and head over for the recipe, this isn't a back-of-the-box recipe so be prepared for real cooking...

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