Tuesday Tutorial - DIY Pac-Man Game

I am a kid of the 80s.  No shame...I have pictures of bad hairstyles, crazy fashion (hello, Jelly shoes and jean jackets with buttons?) and there isn't a hair band or Madonna song I don't know.

Make your own Pac-Man game, keep the kids (or yourself) busy old-school style.

I took a break from all the St. Patrick's Day/Easter crafting crazy for a Kit-Kat break. More like a Pac-Man break.  There is no other video game I am master of than Pac-Man.  The boys try to beat me whenever we head to the arcade...oh silly children.  They think their fancy multi-player/shooter games have anything on the simplicity of a little yellow wedge and blinking ghosts.

DIY Pac-Man Game

When Kelly of Studio DIY made her conversation heart rings with hot glue and a silicone mold, I said to myself, "Self, you have a ridiculous amount of molds...why don't you make some hot-glue fun too?"  Then the wheels started turning, and I thought, why not create a 3-D version of my favorite game?

DIY Pac-Man Game supplies

What You'll Need:

Pac-Man ice cube tray
hot glue gun
nail polish
white paint pen
black permanent marker

So, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel; Kelly did a great job outlining the directions to make the hot-glue shapes and painting them with nail polish.

Hot-glue shapes get a coat of nail polish in our DIY Pac-Man game

After they dried, I used a white paint pen and black marker to color in the eye details on the ghosts.  Seriously cute, right? You can totally make them funky rings as well, to match your rockin' 80's party ensemble.  Or...

...you can click here to download my free game board and make a night of fun!  Want to keep it around awhile? Just laminate it!

How To Play (2 - 4 players):

1.  The object of this game is to get Pac-Man to all four power pellets (each corner) before a ghost catches him.
2.  With Pac-Man starting first, each player will roll two dice for their number of moves (counting along the pac-dots).
3.  If a ghost catches Pac-Man, game over.
4.  If Pac-Man gets to all four power pellets, game over.

Have a fun game night in playing with a DIY Pac-Man game

FREE PAC-MAN GAME BOARD– Download link: (click the link below to download the high-res pdf. ENJOY!)

Game board link

Be sure and check out the Retro Arcade Game Truck Party I originally bought the mold for!

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