Fiesta Friday - How To Style A Easter Table

It started with these pretty straws....

How To Style A Easter Table; the pretty palette of these paper straws can inspire an entire party!

I was strolling through one of my favorite home goods store brainstorming ideas for a pretty and easy Easter table when I saw these fun and cheery straws! I'm really trying to stay away from holiday-themed partyware so they can be used all year round.  Another one of my party goals is to use what I already have...organizing all of my supplies and props has completely changed my shopping habits.

How To Style A Easter Table

I already have several items in the straws' color palette so everything was easy to pull together! Here's how you can recreate the look for your table....

How To Style A Easter Table

Keep Your Party Palette To 2 Or 3 Colors
The best and easiest way to give your party space a cohesive look is to use to 2 or 3 colors but this doesn't mean you can't have variations of each! My colors are pink, mint green and yellow but there is a lot of creative room in the various color shades.

Use Wrapping Paper As A Tablecover
I never tire of wrapping paper as a tablecover.  The staggering array of colors and textures is amazing, plus cleanup is a snap; no worries of stains or having to iron.  Because of my hoarding tendencies with wrapping paper, I already had this on hand, a 'just because' purchase and it worked perfectly.  It is a great base to any party table.

How To Style A Easter Table; carrot cake muffins

How To Style A Easter Table; salad with bunny ear cookies

How To Style A Easter Table; Peep shaped Rice Krispie Treats

How To Style A Easter Table; pretty drink packaging fits in perfectly

Presentation Is Everything...But There Is Nothing Wrong With Shortcuts
From fabulous appetizers to specialty cakes, I have learned to outsource certain entertaining aspects that I'm not the best at.  I'm also a whiz at jazzing up store bought fare; believe me, no one is going to care that my carrot cake muffins are not homemade, but from Trader Joe's that I added a gummi carrot to.  Take food out of their packaging and display them on platters or in bowls. Yes, those are Oreo cookies...but how cute are they in a little compote bowl?  Mix things up and serve salad in short glasses.

My bunny and chick treats are Rice Krispies Treats, cut with a cookie cutters and dipped in candy melts.  I didn't even make the treats myself; I cut them out of those giant sheets found at bigger box stores.  Seriously, they are a lifesaver!

How To Style A Easter Table; Bunny Peep placesetting

Don't Be Afraid Of Disposable Partyware
I know, 'real' event and party planners may turn their noses up at paper goods...but they've come a long way in style and even materials, from the lowly foam cups and you-need-to-put-5-together-or-food-bleeds-through paper plates.  Of course, there is always a time and place; feel free to break out your best china for Easter dinner but just know there are other fabulous options.  I'm obsessed with bamboo and wood products; they come in so many finishes and shapes and are biodegradable.

How To Style A Easter Table; easy Easter bucket centerpieces

How To Style A Easter Table

Think Outside The Flower Box
I love fresh flowers...but we all know that early spring is a hard time for a good selection of blooms.  I've used vegetables as fabulous centerpiece options; carrots and cauliflower are great ones to use for Easter.  But don't forget those plastic eggs can be used for more than just the hunt!  I found these adorable plastic Easter baskets at Target that matched perfectly with our table and filled them with coordinating eggs for fun centerpieces. 

How to style a Easter table with easy tips and ideas

With Easter right around the corner, I hope you have been inspired to take a little extra step or two and style a fabulous table for family and friends!

Need more Easter inspiration? Check out my paper Easter basket post for another great placesetting or centerpiece idea.

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