Pi(e) Day 2016

Today is Pi Day, π Day...March 14...3.14. Yes my friends, it's my fellow math nerds' High Holy Day, Pi Approximation Day, or Pi Day for short. So of course, it's time to celebrate all things pi(e)

Celebrate Pi(e) Day 2016 with lots of pie!

For this month's Whisker Graphics Design Team submission, I had to go back to my current obsession with these craft slice boxes and jazzed them up with Middy Bitty Bags, trimmed to fit.

Dress up craft pie slice boxes for gifting

What a fun way to share your favorite baked goods! You can slice up cake, brownies, Rice Krispie Treats, whatever you want, instead of pie.

Be sure and check out your favorite pie spot to see if they have any special events or deals happening! Here in the Seattle area, we have lots of pie spots; I'll be heading back to Snohomish Pie Company for a $3.14 slice of pie.  The pretty slice picture first is from there...mmm...so good!

Nationally, Pizza Hut is hosting a special contest with the chance to win free food for a little over three years. Or 3.141592653… years to be more exact.

Take a peek back at last year's post for more pie inspiration, like the Cherpumple brought in by one of my son's friends for Pi Day at their school...yes, it is cherry, pumpkin and apple pies each baked in a cake.  Yes, it is a thing...Google it!

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