6 Must-Haves For Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is in one week and I'm thrilled to welcome Jennifer Skarakis, founder of Sendo Invitations, sharing six of her favorite must-haves for Cinco De Mayo.

Cinco De Mayo, Spanish for 'May 5th', is a Mexican-American celebration of the Mexican Army's victory over French forces in 1862. And it's one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! The actual celebration is on May 5th, but is often celebrated on a date near the 5th. It always includes delicious food, tequila drinks, music and dancing. Use these fun ideas to WOW your guests with a festive and unique Cinco De Mayo party this year!

Setting the Mood for Cinco De Mayo
Set the mood of the celebration by surprising your guests with an animated Cinco De Mayo Invitation from Sendomatic. You can even choose one with sound and festive music. Your invitation sets the stage for your party. It gets guests excited before the party even begins! Sending invitations online is a more eco-friendly option than printed invites. And Sendomatic makes it easy to organize your guest list, RSVP, reminders and more.

Decorate With Papel Picado
These inexpensive paper flags make a striking statement. Papel Picado is a Mexican folk art where layers of tissue are hand-chiseled to create up to forty banners at a time. They are a popular feature at many traditional Mexican celebrations, including Cinco de Mayo. In addition to adding this staple to your decor, you can set up a fun activity table for kids to create their own Papel Picado!

image courtesy of El Camion
Hire A Food Truck
Instead of catering your event, you can hire a Mexican food truck to come to the party location! Food trucks are an easy, fun and inexpensive way to feed your guests. You'll need a relatively flat place for the truck to park. Some trucks might need a power outlet. Make sure to have enough seating for your guests to enjoy their food. Don't forget to place a large trash and recycling can near the eating area.

You Must Have A Few Cinco De Mayo Party Cocktails
The customary drink of Cinco De Mayo is the margarita, of course! Dawn just shared a fun twist on the traditional margarita or opt for a non traditional and chic tequila spicy martini or cocktail! Having a unique margarita or signature drink will make your party special. Provide a sign listing the ingredients for your guests and always serve with a garnish. Fresh edible flowers are my favorite. I always have some pansies growing in my garden just for garnishing cocktails and salads.

Hire A Mariachi Band
If you really want to set an authentic tone for your Cinco De Mayo party, hire a Mariachi Band. In addition to keeping the energy flowing and guests entertained, the band can help move people from one area of the party to another when necessary.

The Piñata
These fiesta staples are fun for adults and kids alike. Fill your piñata (storebought or homemade like this cactus from Oh Happy Day) with candy, stickers, glow sticks. Get the adults excited by adding some scratch-off lottery tickets, gift cards and cash.

Place the adult items in discrete envelopes so that they don't grab the kids attention as much as the candy and other exciting items. In addition to your stuffed piñata, you'll need a bat, baggies for goody collection, a blindfold, rope or strong twine and something to hang it from.

 I hope these tips help to up your fiesta game this year; have a great party!

Jennifer Skarakis is on a mission to help take event planning to the next level of style and ease. She does this while raising three daughters, playing in a band and running a company. Check out more party planning tips  from Jennifer.

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