Custom Labels With Minted AKA How To Get Your Things Back

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If you are like me, you encounter many situations where your things leave the confines of your home. Sure, you could write on them with a permanent marker, but eventually, it will rub off/fade, plus it's not very stylish.

When Minted offered the chance to try out their new Custom Name and Clothing Labels, I was game.  Waterproof, non-toxic, dishwasher and laundry safe, you can pretty much guarantee you will get your things back.

However, my kids have grown out of the labeling-all-of-their-personal-items-and-clothing phase, so I decided I would share a couple of great ways I used mine for those of you in the same boat...

With school-aged kids, you will find yourself making and bringing many goods for school parties, dances and potlucks.  Sometimes you get your containers back, sometimes you bring back someone else's that looks just like yours.  I used the gem custom name label on items I bring to events like my cupcake carrier and serving tray.

What if you are a scrapbooker and attend crops where you bring your own supplies? Do you attend crafting parties where everyone has the same pair of Fiskars scissors? What about larger items that are borrowed a lot like folding tables and chairs?  How about the woodland label  so you know you are going home with what you brought.  There is nothing worse than coming home with someone else's dull scissors...

Speaking of not dull, my boys are always heading to friends' homes, bringing our games and movies in tow to play and watch. If there is a gang of kids doing the same, inevitably, games/movies gets picked up and packed up by mistake; your case, wrong disk.  Just place a Out Of Line label on the front and all confusion is solved!

Do you have a great problem-solving idea with labels? We would love to hear it, share the love!

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