Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party

Summer and ice cream go hand in's perfect for every type of get-together.  When The Bakers Party Shop sent me their new Party Pastel Rainbow striped and polka dot cups, spoons and sprinkles to play with, I knew they were begging to be part of an impromptu ice cream party!  I love how you can mix and match the pieces to your heart's content! Enjoying a beautiful afternoon with ice cream and all the toppings you can think of, with minimal prep, means maximum fun!

How To Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party

Once you have a few items on hand, you will be ready to party any time! First, you need inflatable floating flamingo drink coasters from Oriental Trading; seriously, every party needs them. I added a short glass to each one for our toppings.

Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party; party table

I always have rolls of butcher paper in kraft and black paper on hand; it is the perfect stuff for table covers and backdrops.  Cover your table with black paper and a white pencil for labeling the best part...

Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party; toppings
Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party; chocolate bits

Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party; gummy bears

...the toppings! From candy to fruit to marshmallows and cookies, the sky's the limit! I like to use the four ice cream topping groups; Chewy, Sweet, Crunchy and Saucy, because I know there will be something for everyone!  Here are a few ideas we used and more...

cookie crumbles                                                   circus animal crackers
chopped up chocolate candy                               mini chocolate chips
gummy worms                                                      whipped cream
various flavors of gummy bears                         sprinkles
cookie wafers                                                        syrups
flavored marshmallows                                       fruit toppings
Teddy Grahams                                                    M&Ms
gummy rings                                                         berries

Invite friends to bring their favorite topping! Be sure and do a little coordinating or you will have 10 bottles of syrup on your hands.

To make our ice cream cups even more fun, I rimmed the lip with marshmallow fluff and dipped into sprinkles before we filled them with our sweet creations.

Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party; a fun sundae is made!

Be sure to have lots of vanilla ice cream and napkins on hand...Shop Sweet Lulu's ice cream napkins matched perfectly with our cups and spoons.

Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party; fun cups, sprinkles and spoons are a must!

Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party; pour some syrup on me!

With just a few items, you can have sweet, summer fun anytime! I hope this inspires you to throw your own impromptu ice cream party. Be sure and check out my Fun Ice Cream Floats post for even more inspiration!

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