Aloha To Summer Fro-Yo Party

I am not ready to let go of summer.  Not yet. Yesterday I shared how to throw a end of summer party in less than two hours.  Today is another great way to celebrate with minimal work!  We hosted an Aloha To Summer Fro-Yo Party at our local shop and let me tell you, my love of rolling up to a spot, partying and rolling out never gets old.

Aloha To Summer Fro-Yo Party

It is the perfect way to get friends together, especially those you haven't seen over the summer, and have one last hurrah before school starts.  Our school district doesn't start until after Labor Day, and between high school check ins, sports and some not back from vacation, it is a busy week!

Aloha To Summer Fro-Yo Party; toppings bar

If you have a favorite ice cream or fro-yo spot, check to see if they host parties.  We paid a flat fee per cup that the kids could fill up to their hearts' desire.  Other fro-yo spots let you do all you can eat...but middle and high school kids hopped up on sugar is not a pretty sight for their adults, so proceed with caution.

FYI, there is something about seeing all kinds of toppings all laid out...I never get tired of that.

Aloha To Summer Fro-Yo Party; candy cup

Aloha To Summer Fro-Yo Party table

I kept our decor easy and minimal, starting with a fun tropical paper runner and breaking out my extensive honeycomb stash and palm leaves.  I've been dying to use our flamingo balloon all summer and he was perfect floating over our table. Tucking in a few faux blooms and sprinkling the table with tropical confetti and our look came together.

All I needed to bring was a few beverages (they provided water) and let the kids catch up and amuse themselves.  Seriously, the easiest party ever! I can't wait to throw a few more get-togethers here...

Aloha To Summer Fro-Yo Party side view of party table

Aloha To Summer Fro-Yo Party

I hope you are inspired to send summer out with a proper good-bye!  Need more Aloha To Summer party inspiration? Check out this one from a few years ago.

If you would rather party at home, my How To Throw An Impromptu Ice Cream Party post has lots of fun ideas!

Our party is an annual tradition that we enjoy every do you close out your summer?

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