I have finally gotten on with something I have been putting off for years...a complete rebranding.

What Not Just A Mommy Will Become...

When I started my blog a little over 8(!!!) years ago, there were barely any party and lifestyle bloggers.  Yes, there was a world before tissue tassels, dessert tables and Pinterest. I had no idea that I would (or could) turn blogging into a profession. I was just looking for a place to think about something other than being a stay at home mom and keeping up with two young boys. Some place I could talk about pretty stuff and parties. Being Not Just A Mommy.

Over the years, I started to outgrow my name, and even explaining what I did as a party blogger versus a mommy blogger, started getting old. After all, the name implies mommy blogger. But I'm a blogger who is a mom. Not the same thing.

But the fear of making such a major commitment terrified me. Self-hosting means a financial investment and full commitment and responsibility; a complete move and rebrand with the overall changing of my identity, social networking, etc. that goes into it, what I want my brand to look like, from the logo to the color scheme, what I want the website to look like, what do readers want when they visit and how to keep them there. All the ugly nuts and bolts that I never thought of when I started blogging.

No more fun and games. As my mom says, poop or get off the pot. So...I did it. I took a deep breath and thought long and hard about a name that would represent me and my mission...bought my domain name and web hosting, so I can move to a shiny, new website! If you follow me elsewhere, I've been dropping hints about changes, but now I'm giving you a second official look (my newsletter subscribers got the first look last should sign up so you can be the first, too!) at my new logo and stationery!

I am so excited about everything coming together but I want to assure you that a new name and look is just that. I promise to continue to bring you unique content, free downloads and more fabulous parties and crafts on a budget. My mission has not changed but my new look will bring more collaborations and power teaming so you can continue to get lots of great content and continue to keep me on your must-visit list.

I know there are a lot of other websites to visit and I appreciate that you take time out of your day to visit mine. The new website is coming soon, so expect to see the new look and logo here and across my social media, but rest assured, but there will be plenty of warning, I promise!

 I can't wait!

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