Edible Football Snack Boxes

For those of us in the Seattle area, it's Blue Friday, celebrating all things Seattle Seahawks!  With football season in full swing, every Friday finds just about everyone around these parts sheathed in their best blue and green, from jerseys to coordinating ensembles.

I've been dying to recreate Giggles Galore's super cute popcorn boxes from graham crackers; a football version seemed perfect!

Edible Football Snack Boxes

Edible football snack boxes are perfect for game watching parties!

They are a fun addition to any game watching party or save it for your Super Bowl next year! You can personalize them with your favorite team's colors or local snack favorites.  

What You'll Need: 

chocolate graham crackers
white candy melt
various snacks and/or candies (feel free to use your favorite team's colors!)
candy piping bag (I use Wilton's disposable decorating bags)

1.  Place a small amount of the candy melts in a bag, them melt in the microwave according to the directions.  Be sure and knead the bag between heatings and be careful, it will be hot.
2.  Clip the tip off of the bag to create a small hole to pipe the candy melt through.
3.  Break your graham crackers in half and carefully pipe the 'laces' onto one section, then set them aside.
3.  Attach the remaining sides together with candy melt, holding them together for a few seconds while they cool and solidify.
4. If you aren't finished once the candy cools in the bag and solidifies, just pop it back into the microwave and reheat to soften.

Fill edible football snack boxes with nibbles for your game watching party

Fill edible football snack boxes with nibbles for your game watching party

Cheer on your favorite team to victory!  These snack boxes are a great way to do that...do you have a game day snack that is an annual favorite? Share with us, we would love to hear about!

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